Sunday, February 1, 2015

Worst NFL Season Ever

Cheaters 28, Seahawks 24.

Seriously, Russell Wilson, you had the bastards right where we all wanted them. How could you throw that pass at that time. Goat City.

Between the Cheatriots, domestic abuse, concussions, the local teams both being horrible, and Roger Goodell clearly looking at the records of MLB's Bud Selig, the NBA's David Stern, and the NHL's Gary Bettman, and deciding to try to become a bigger asshole than the 3 of them combined...

Worst NFL season ever.

Bring on baseball.

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Iamhungey 12345 said...

A terrible play call or the worst play call ever?

I know the joke from "The Colbert Report" is old but it does fit in this situation. How can anyone defend this decision not to run? They had a timeout in case the initial run fails.

It would have made sense had it been on 4th down but it wasn't the case.